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Core values

We shall strive to do our business and be Accessible to our customers in a Transparent environment with Possibilities as our watch word, maintaining a high level of Integrity and delivering services with Speed while remaining Focus on customer satisfaction and wealth creation.

At suspap microfinance bank, we provide ease of service to our customers, ease of contact with our bank nationwide, so as to obtain a good and timely service delivery. Our website too, can be easily accessed from any mobile device. As we move into the near future, we hope to create more branches around the country so as to make our service easily accessible nationwide.

At sulspap micro finance bank, we aim to be transparent in our dealings with our customers, and visibility is another thing that characterizes our company, because our information can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world.

At sulspap micro finance bank we have the strength and ability to make things happen, and that’s why we are here, to serve our customers in best way possible.

At sulspap we have a strict adherence to a moral code , reflected in transparent honesty and complete harmony in what our company offers in terms of quality service.

At suslpap micro finance ltd, our service delivery system can be described as a very fast and efficient service delivery method that keeps our customers returning for our service. The use of high tech computers and high speed internet has made it possible to serve our customers needs in the shortest time possible.

At suslpap, having a strong customer focus is has been a real contributor to the overall success of our company and it involves ensuring that all departments of the bank put its customers’ satisfaction first. Also, having a customer focus usually includes maintaining an effective customer relations and service program. Among others include to meet the financial requirements of the urban, semi-urban and rural micro credit sector, and also to be a service friendly microfinance bank in the eyes of our esteemed customers, employees and shareholders, creating wealth for its stakeholders through dedicated staff who remain focused on our customers, and ofcourse, using cutting-edge technology to deliver unrivalled and quality services

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